Our journey started 20 years ago when our love for metal became our choice of creation and tender. Our fermentation process through constant avocation with metal provided us with the expertise to create forms, shapes, whilst fulfilling our aesthetic pursuits. Furniture as a form of expressing our ideas and skills, led us to where we are today, ready, competent and qualified to offer solutions and suggestions for you to… rediscover your space!

The principles of our design language, as they mandate our choices and evolve in our art forms, can only be accounted in light of the requirements set by the consumer basis, seen to, by the artisan of modern furniture. Through various design forms and manufacturing techniques we combine aesthetics, unparalleled comfort and functionality in everyday use. With durability of the products in time as our cornerstone to the manufacturing process, we exploit the physical properties of metal such as its high strength, and plasticity, enabling us to create timeless designs, with quality of the highest order, addressed to the most demanding consumers.

The distilled experience of our senior staff counting more than twenty years in metal processing, combined with our design philosophy, guarantee the excellent quality of our products. All our products are handcrafted by our adept artificers in our modern and fully functional facilities. In EMVY it is our aspiration and personal commitment to achieve absolute consumer satisfaction, hence allowing us to develop strong bonds of trust with our customers.

Our unique materials







Inspired by the harmony of the Aegean Mosaic

Aiming at the durability of products in time during manufacturing process, we create timeless designs. Designs that aim to pleasure you though their comfort, while assisting you in exploring new aspects of your home. Rediscover your space, redesign your life.